Comics Portfolio

Neither Snow Nor Void Nor Asteroids (2021)

Sample spreads for a possible comic/graphic novel adaptation of the 2019 animated film of the same name. This space opera follows the misadventures of Vern, a mail carrier for the Intergalactic Postal Service, as travel the galaxy on a quest to deliver a lost letter to its intended recipient.

 The full pitch can be found here.

Lupescu?! (2020 -  Present)

Lupescu?! is an ongoing long-form webcomic about family, community, and the supernatural.

Set in the quaint lakeside village of the same name, the story focuses on the lives of its inhuman inhabitants when a monster hunter comes to town. 

Start reading here.

Comic School Anthology (2020)

This anthology trilogy was designed as a platform to showcase emerging comic artists and writers. Eileen produced the inks,  colours and lettering for a story in the first volume, Inspiration.

"Saving the world is a thankless task. Day in and day out, Dh'Kana must help with everything. But now, he faces burn out.

Can this fantasy warrior learn to pause?"

Pause was written by Madeleine McQuilling.

Pizza Doughlympics (2019)

This series was commissioned by pizzeria Franco Manca for display in their Manchester franchise. It showcases the might and uniqueness of their dough through visual parodies of Olympic sporting events.

Wishing Again (2020)

A short sequential piece which forms part of a sample section for a hybrid graphic novel/poetry anthology focused on love, loneliness and cosmic insignificance.