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Eileen Lemoine is a French illustrator, comics artist and 2d animator based in Northern Ireland.

She loves telling stories- creating worlds of wackiness, whimsy and dark humour, endeavouring to bring playful warmth to standalone images and panel to panel narratives both in her self-authored and commercial work. In her spare time she has been known to experiment with all kinds of craziness like large scale paper engineering and animating through knitting. She also has an interest in socially-minded practice with several of her stories conveying the importance of conservation and equality.

She studied Illustration with Animation at the Manchester School of Art, where she made several animated short films and music videos.

Her film 'Double Knit' was shortlisted for the Screening Award at New Designers 2019.

She has produced work for several zines and anthologies as well as the British Council and has been producing her horror/fantasy webcomic Lupescu since 2019.

She is currently available for freelance work.


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